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James Sandberg

James Sandberg

Managing Director


James is the founder of Customer Devoted which is a customer success consultancy that delivers customer acquisition, insight, retention and loyalty strategies, enabling organisations to accelerate their growth and maximise customer profitability.

James’s previous experience as Managing Director of customer engagement agency Ogilvy One in Mumbai and Strategy Director for customer loyalty agency ICLP has given him an international perspective on data driven customer engagement which he has developed for brands such as Royal Canin, Carlson Hotels, Vespa, Dove, Smirnoff and tech startups such as CoInvestor and The Villa Collective.

With expertise across performance marketing, customer experience, CRM and customer loyalty, James is obsessed with helping companies achieve their customer based business objectives.

James believes that marketing needs a new paradigm. One where businesses partner with their customers and prospects in a long-term value exchange. To survive the next wave of disruption, organisations need to move beyond marketing operations to become indispensable in the lives of customers whilst leveraging data and technology to drive operational efficiency.

Turning customers into devoted advocates requires more than personalised e-mails and analytics. Customers expect more and have more choices today than ever before. Delivering remarkable experiences, tailored services and being useful in the lives of customers means that brands need to create partnerships with their customers and look beyond the short term transaction.

James also a mentor for The School Of Communication Arts, Capital Enterprise and is the retail strategist for Wandsworth Borough Chamber Of Commerce.

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