The 6th Annual Customer Focus Summit 2017

Customer Focus Summit 2017 features over 17 sessions in 2 distinctive streams. Discover our agenda below.


KEYNOTE: How to make your customer love you and only you

Why do some brands evoke a strong emotional tie, and others don’t? Ahead of the 2017 Loyalty Magazine Awards, Annich McIntosh highlights some of the best and most innovative customer loyalty schemes in the world from the last twelve months, why they worked, and what you can learn from their success.

by Annich McIntosh, Editor, Founding Director, Loyalty Magazine, Loyalty Magazine Awards Show Profile


SPRINGBOARD DISCUSSION: Breaking down internal silos to improve service throughout your organisation

• Sharing data to operationalise it effectively: what, how, and who with
• Implementing functional work flows between divisions
• Who should talk first in a crisis, and how does that affect the outcome? PR vs Comms vs Marketing vs Customer Service

by Dave Appleby, Moderator & Technical Support Specialist, Call Center Helper Show Profile

by James Leech, Head of Digital and Customer Management, Sainsbury's Argos Show Profile

by Jocelyn McConnachie, Director of Customer Experience, National Grid Show Profile

by Dominique Seminel, Customer and Employees Digital Experience - Group Project Manager, Orange Show Profile


KEYNOTE: Stop thinking channels and start thinking journeys

Customers don’t think about how they are communicating with a brand; they talk to them how, when and wherever they see fit. Yet businesses continue to organise themselves around channels. Only by thinking beyond channels – realising that a customer journey isn’t a fixed process and by acknowledging that the customer is in charge – can brands truly engage with their customers.

In this session we’ll explain the limitations with multi-channel strategies, introduce the customer-managed journey concept and look at who’s doing it right.

by Tim Nutman, Principal Architect, Thunderhead Show Profile


Refreshment break & networking



  • Delivering service excellence through innovation
    • Jeremy Swinfen-Green, Head of Training, Business Reporter
  • From disrupted to disruptor: reverse levelling the playing field
    • Jonathan Munn, Field Marketing Manager, Zendesk
  • Planning for the future – acquiring the talent you need to deliver your digital strategies and drive competitive advantage
    • Simon Foot, Director, Ember Group

WORKSHOP: Candidate Experience – the new CX frontier: how to take great CX and apply it to the recruitment process

In this session we’ll explore how brands need to listen to all of their stakeholders – employees, prospective employees and customers alike – to truly differentiate.

by Rew Golding, Head of Channels & Partners, Rant & Rave Show Profile

by Jeremy Tipper, Managing Director, Talent Collective Show Profile


Lunch & networking


CASE STUDY: A regulatory perspective – improving consumer experience in the communications sector

• Identifying and tracking indicators of good customer service
• Shedding light on customer experience quality in order to inform consumer decision making
• Incentivising providers to compete on quality of service

by Ian Macrae, Director of Consumer Policy, Ofcom Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Building a human approach supported by technology

• Beyond the bots: how to make sure every customer gets a personal approach
• Developing social platforms into a timely, accurate, one-stop-shop
• Maintaining a personal relationship, as an airline, with customers using technical tools such as bots and AI

by Margot Looman, Social Media Manager, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Show Profile


SPRINGBOARD DISCUSSION: Building brand advantage in a competitive space

• Authentically associating your brand with relevant cultural topics to reach new audiences
• Turning marketing into a revenue generator with branded content that caters to current consumer interests

by Jamie Sterry, UK Head of Brand, innocent drinks Show Profile

by Catriona Forrest, Head of UK Brand, Virgin Games Show Profile

by Hazel Francis, Communications & Marketing Manager, University of Arts London Show Profile

by Alex Morris, Creative Director, Barcroft Plus Show Profile

by Marcio Delgado, Content Producer, Digital Consultant Show Profile


Refreshment Break


HOW TO: Launch your international social media campaign in 10 steps

You have a great brand and you’re looking to expand internationally. You’ve already decided which countries you’re going to target, but getting from A to B successfully takes more than a plane ticket. Just as success is spelled differently in different languages, your international expansion will require more than just one social media plan. So how can you make sure your expansion pays off? In this session, you’ll discover the 10 steps you need to take to properly launch your international social media campaign; it will cover research, strategy, copywriting, the finer details of execution and reporting.

by Daiana Damacus, Social Media Specialist, Webcertain Show Profile


BUSINESS UPDATE: Developing metrics to track monetization

• Proving content drives an emotional connection to brand and therefore revenue: Google’s new metrics
• Connecting content to commerce: measuring ROI
• Tracking consumer experience and ROI on social media, compared to voice/e-mail interactions

by David Conway, Director, Customer Experience Excellence Centre, KPMG Nunwood Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Using data to inform your next product

• Using industrial data from connected devices to understand how people live and interact
• Democratizing data – putting it in the hands of marketeers and product managers
• Getting feedback directly from your consumers

by Jan Richards, Head of Insights and Planning, Dublin Airport Authority Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Improving complaints handling for better, faster customer service

• Implementing a web-based complaints handling tool: the challenges and benefits
• What improvements on response times and satisfaction rates can you expect to achieve?
• Improving case tracking to cut down on overlooked complaints

by Jonathan James, Head of Customer Services, Cambridge City Council Show Profile


CASE STUDY: Building a service culture as a competitive differentiator

  • Building a robust service culture transformation which focuses on customer delight
  • Establishing an innovative and competitive service culture for maximum customer and team engagement
  • Empowering employees: how to create a balanced Customer Experience Management framework which allows team members the opportunity to consistently deliver outstanding service

by Hussain Afeef, Director of Training, Development and Quality Assurance, LUX Resorts & Hotels Show Profile


SPRINGBOARD DISCUSSION: I, Robot – are we relying on too much technology in customer service?

• Using A.I. channels for both customer and staff: what app is right for your business and customer base?
• Understanding and meeting customer expectations placed on both automated and human touchpoints
• Does the technology actually benefit the customer? What is the value-add to the business?

by Gordon Littley, Managing Director, Customer Experience Pr, Verizon Show Profile

by Abby Thomas, General Manager Customer Journey Transformation, BT Show Profile

by Jason Roberts, Head of Knowhow Customer Contact Centre, Dixons Carphone Group Show Profile

by Nick Riggott, Head of Private Sector Show Profile


Refreshment break & networking


BUSINESS UPDATE: Botman vs SuperAgent- The Future of the Contact Centre

AI and robots are about to take all our jobs – that’s been the worry abut automation for the past 200 years. But they are about to replace the contact centre? This presentation examines:

• Changing hiring procedures to focus on professional career candidates, not temporary staff
• Onboarding and succession planning for long-term training and service
• Developing specialist agents to resolve the issues that automated and self-service systems can’t address

by Dr. Nicola Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT Show Profile


BUSINESS UPDATE: Everything you need* to know about GDPR and its impact on your customer experience

  • 3 myths busted
  • 3 new things to worry about
  • Sullivan’s law
  • A spot the difference quiz!

* even if you’d rather not…

by Steve Sullivan, Member, DMA Contact Centre Council Show Profile


5-YEAR FORECAST: How will tomorrow’s call centres operate?

• Developing online chat and multi-channel agents
• Developing staff empowerment: monitoring and feeding back performance quality and customer journey enhancement options
• What will you need to invest in to develop customer service as a business differentiator?

by James Leech, Head of Digital and Customer Management, Sainsbury's Argos Show Profile



Drinks Reception

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